Arceus X V2 Key System Not Working

The solution to the Arceus X V2 Key system fault is provided here. It’s possible that you observed the V2 key system is broken if you got the most recent version of Arceus X. A grey box with no key system to advance is displayed by the key system.

You now have to follow an easy way to fix this issue:

How to Fix the Broken Arceus X V2 Key System

  • Click this link to download and install Secure VPN from the Play Store.
  • Open the Secure VPN software now, then select Connect.
  • After you click “Connect,” a “Connection Request” request will appear. Click “Ok.”
  • Next, select “Free server with AD.”
  • You’re now linked to the quickest VPN server on the market. Launch the Arceus X (Roblox) application and select Get Key. As you can see, the Key System is now operational.
  • After completing the key verification procedure, begin using Roblox for exploits.

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